Science Slam
Photo: Daniel Lorenz

Public “Women in Science” Slam

Thursday evening (May 11)
Venue: tba

Enjoy fascinating science in short exciting and vivid presentations by young female scientists who talk about their research. The speakers offer non-specialist listeners insights into their latest research and try to infect the audience with their own enthusiasm for their project. It doesn’t matter whether it is a standard presentation or a live experiment – as long as it is entertaining. The focus is not on the scientific value but more on the way of presenting it. The aim is to reach the hearts and minds of the audience who is also the jury who selects the winner of the evening.

We want YOU for Science Slam! (Application closed)
You want to take part in the science slam and present your work in 10 minutes on stage to a diverse audience?
Then please send us a short description of yourself and what you are planning to present via the submission area on the registration platform or write an e-mail to Katrin via scienceslam [at]

Travel Grant (Application closed)
If you participate in the Science Slam, you are eligible for travel reimbursement. We will refund your travel costs up to a maximum amount of 312€ (e.g. 2 x 2nd class train ticket, 60€ each and three nights accommodation 60€ each). The registration fee can also be refunded by this travel grant.

If you want to use this opportunity or have any questions regarding the Science Slam, please send an e-mail to scienceslam [at]

Application closed

The travel grant is kindly sponsored by